Dreams written by children in México and Spain.
Collected by elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca.


I dreamed that my teacher Beni proposed me to pay him for marijuana but I didn´t accept. Then he drugged everyone at school and released a sea of drug where I got drowned.
(Álvaro, 11 years old/ Spain) Boy

I dreamed I was with my family at the beach and we saw a brown spot in the water and we came out the water. My aunt said that the government was making some tests and my uncle said that the brown spot was vitamin, so we got into the water again. Fifteen minutes later, one of my cousins was crying, and we knew that the brown spot was attracting all the jellyfish.
(Kitzia/ México) Girl

I dreamed that I was at school. It was getting dark. Some men were building a new classroom, and they demolished a wall and inside they found one girl and two boys with their mouths sewed. They took care of the kids and unstitched their mouths.
(Nissa Paola/ México) Girl

I dreamed I was somewhere with some fifteen years old boys. We were throwing rocks to a polar bear and escaping because the polar bear would throw rocks to us, and if we were hit, we had to bite ourselves and remove the wounded part.
(Artai/ Spain) Boy

I dreamed that I was in the sea and I was touched by an octopus of blue rings. I left the water and a bat bit me. I was alone and the bats were coming out from the sea. A clown came out from under the sand.
(Mónica, 8 years old/ Spain) Girl

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