Dreams written by children in México and Spain.
Collected by elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca.


I dreamed with a surfing polar bear and with a pizza walking by the beach. Also with a punk with his head inside an square, behaving like Superman.
(Martina, 10 years old/ Spain) Girl

I dreamed that I was in the sea and I was touched by an octopus of blue rings. I left the water and a bat bit me. I was alone and the bats were coming out from the sea. A clown came out from under the sand.
(Mónica, 8 years old/ Spain) Girl

I dreamed that I was in the woods and went through a door and entered into an ice park of ice sculptures. Suddenly an ice sculputure grabbed me, I lighted a torch and when I was going to grab my tommy gun a wild boar attacked me, I killed it. Then a lion attacked me, it was harder to kill, I grabbed the knife and drove it into his head.
(Samuel, 8 years old) Boy

I dreamed that in my birthday I went to play with all my classmates to Laser Game. But the lasers were real and everyone died except me.
(Núria, 8 years old/ Spain) Girl

I dreamed I was with all my friends. And the girls turned into fire birds and the boys turned into silver dragons.
(Pablo, 9 years old/ Spain) Boy

I dreamed I was somewhere with some teenage boys. We were throwing rocks to a polar bear and escaping because the polar bear would throw rocks to us, and if we were hit, we had to bite ourselves and remove the wounded part.
(Artai/ Spain) Boy

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