Dreams by children from México and Spain.

Collected by elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca.

I dreamed that I was in my house and I found a mirrow that was covered with the words “No Tocar” (don´t touch). But I uncovered it and touched it and my arm went through it. Then I crossed through the mirrow and there was an unicorn in the beach.
(Katia, 8 years old) – Girl


I dreamed that I was at home, in bed, I woke up with no hair, bald. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and my teeth fell off. At that moment I thought I was awaken but I was still dreaming. I went to the kitchen and my bird was a giant and it was eating all the stuff.
(Giovanna, 11 years old) – Girl


I dreamed that my grandfather and I went to an unknown village, where I met Pinocchio. I played with him and discovered that he was a maniac that wanted to kill me.
(Nhoa, 9 years old/ Spain) – Girl


I dreamed that I was with my parents and sister, and my sister wanted to bite, and she bit my arm. Then I jumped from the window and ran away to my grandparents house, and I woke up.
(Manuela, 9 years old) – Girl


I dreamed that a rat took me to the sewer, its den, where all the rats ate me.
(Jaime, 9 years old) – Boy


I dreamed that I fell down the stairs and I broke my foot. I stop going to school for a while and lost my best girlfriends. When I came back to school they were not there any longer.
(Natalia, 9 years old/ México) – Girl


I dreamed that in my birthday I went to play with all my classmates to Laser Game. But the lasers were real and everyone died except me.
(Núria, 8 years old/ Spain) – Girl


I dreamed I was somewhere with some teenage boys. We were throwing rocks to a polar bear and escaping because the polar bear would throw rocks to us, and if we were hit, we had to bite ourselves and remove the wounded part.
(Artai/ Spain) – Boy


I dreamed that David was eaten by a shark, but not completely. A flying saucer appeared and grabbed the remains of his body and put them in the organic trash. Then they buried them.
(Carlos, 9 years old/ México) – Boy


I dreamed about a boy who was in a house with a monster of long teeth, big mouth, big feet and small face. The boy went downstairs and broke a window to escape, but he had to go to the bathroom and the monster ate him.
(Cristian, 9 years old/ Spain) – Boy


I dreamed that I fell down from my bed to the space, and there was the devil.
(Alexis, 8 years old) – Boy


I dreamed that I was in the woods and went through a door and entered into an ice park of ice sculptures. Suddenly an ice sculputure grabbed me, I lighted a torch and when I was going to grab my tommy gun a wild boar attacked me, I killed it. Then a lion attacked me, it was harder to kill, I grabbed the knife and drove it into his head.
(Samuel, 8 years old) – Boy

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