Money // Little book

noviembre 16, 2008

Money-Book 2008

20 dreams about money written by children in Mexico and Spain.
Dreams selected by Roger Omar / Illustrated by Flavio Morai$ / Design by Milimbo.
Translated into chinese by Lin Tzu Chien / Translated into english by Jénnifer Ádcock.
Edited by elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca / Spain, 2008.
130×155 mm.
Spanish, english and chinese.
2 different covers.
60 pages / Offset. 2 colors / edition of 500 units.
ISBN: 978-84-612-5593-1.
$8 euros, shipping included (paypal to

– –

Dreams offer the most far-fetched ways of earning money (get rich by eating the wishing bat) and of spending it (buy your own brother). Dreams also remind us the price of becoming rich: wealth is nothing but the forewarning of ruin… the wealthy person is guilty and their peace shall be interrupted by the voracity of wolves.
If you still give in to the temptation of becoming rich, money will be very useful for giving orders, having a house where you can wee, and realizing that you are a miserable being that needs to get closer to your family.

The dreams in this book were written by 8 to 10 year-old children in Mexico and Spain, on different dates since 2002. All the dreams are about money, or they mention the words rich, gold, treasure, million… which ultimately bear the same meaning as money.




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