Interview with Jessica Boston: Digestive Movement

agosto 22, 2011

-What relationship is there between cheese and your dreams?

Jessica Boston: It’s a very serious relationship. I absolutely love cheese more than anything, especially close to bedtime when I have decided to finish my diet for the day and enjoy myself. I try really hard not to because of obvious flabby repercussions, but I’m an addict. I think cheese is so important to my dreams and my life in general. I always notice that my dreams are extra special and vivid when I’ve had cheese for dinner or before a siesta nap. I find that different cheeses give different kinds of dreams. I usually eat Burgos, Mozzarella, Parmesan or Goat, but the good dreams come when I eat the really strong cheeses. I saw on this study that Cheddar enhances dreams about celebrities, Blue Cheese gives you crazy dreams, Red Leicester is likely to have you dwelling on the past and Lancashire will get you focused on the future.



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