septiembre 12, 2012

© Alon Braier.

© Ella Cohen.

© Roni Fahima.

© Avital Manor.

© Masha Manapov.

© Arkady Kravchuk.

© Gil Lavi.

© Lihie Jacob.

© Noa Kelner.

© Noa Snir.

© Teddy Goldenberg.

“LE ASUSTABA EL VERDE” – Libro de sueños
Sueños escritos por niñas y niños en España / Recogidos por Roger Omar / Ilustrados por dibujantes de Israel.
36 páginas / 22x17cm / Offset negro y verde / Español, hebreo, inglés.
Publicado por elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca, 2012.
Get it!


-How are your drawings related with your dreams or with your ability to daydream?
RONI: I draw less from my dreams and more from my nightmares. I continue drawing because I’m afraid that truth will be exposed and everyone will see what an impostor I am and how I couldn’t draw. Mainly from good reasons, lately I am so tired that I can´t remember my dreams. Daydreaming is another story, this is my favourite job, I wish I could make a living from that.
-Please share one surrealist episode experienced in your daily life.
ALON: It happened ten years ago, sometime around midnight. I was walking home crossing a big wide bridge, I had my trusty walkman with me and I was listening to some tunes with the headphones on. Suddenly, the music stopped and all the street lamps went off at the exact same time! I stood alone in the middle of the bridge, in the dark, thinking “what the hell just happened?” As I looked up into the night sky I saw a big red flame lighting up the horizon. That odd vision lasted for a whole minute, then the street lamps started functioning again and everything went back to normal.
-Has any dream motivated you to change anything about yourself?
ELLA: A few years ago I had a really strange dream. I was standing on a balcony with my grandfather, and we were both looking to the horizon. Below us grew a huge tropical forest. My grandfather told me he’s worried about me because he thinks I’m too sensitive, and then I woke up… I can’t say the dream changed me, but it did make me think about it a lot.

-Are there any dreams that you turned into something tangible?
AVITAL: On my second year in Bezalel I did this project of documenting my dreams. The final result was four shadow boxes with 3D paper illustrations inside, each box for a different  dream.
-Imagine the universe of your nephew. If you could build an exciting dream for him, how would it be?
MASHA: In the ideal scenario, my six year old nephew would probably be a terrifying monster with highly sensitive soul. He would have all the possible super powers that one could imagine. He would abuse his enemies in many creative ways (throat cutting, finger burning) but would also help the poor and save the weak. After all the slaughtering and love-hate relationships with his surroundings, he would become a better man and will marry a fairy.
-What was your persistent nightmare/fear as a child?
NOA SNIR: When I was about 9 years old I had the misfortune of watching Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video-clip on tv. For the rest of the year I had recurring nightmares about werewolves and dancing zombies!
-How different is the Lihie in dreams from the Lihie in everyday life?
LIHIE: We both sure like turning up naked to exams we haven’t studied for! But seriously, I think the Lihie in dreams (or Dream-Lihie, if you will) is a little braver, a little more violent, and has some creative solutions for Real-Lihie’s problems. But you know, she gets to fly around, which always gives you a better perspective.



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