Moritz Wienert

noviembre 9, 2017

© Moritz Wienert

© Moritz Wienert, 2017


-Hi Moritz! Lucía´s house got burned on her birthday. What attracts you about this dream?
I like that it combines the sweetness of having a birthday and the horror of experiencing that your house got burned down.

-How do you conceive your illustrations? Maybe planning the space/scenary first?
Actually I´m more interested in ideas and concepts. So I start drawing everything that I have in mind after reading the text. During that progress I also read a bit, for example about dreams. As soon as the idea feels right, I start drawing the final illustration.

-There´s a feeling of warmth and balance in your drawings. What utensils do you use regularly to illustrate?
A lot of people think that I draw digitally, but I don´t. I mostly use pencil and a ruler for drawing. I think that brings a sense of warmth and imperfectness into my drawing. Later I add color with Photoshop. Recently I also started using ink again, which is a lot fun!

-What influence have your dreams in your artwork or in your daily life?
I must confess that I seldomly can remember my dreams, but I´m pretty interested in dreams and what their meaning is. My roommate is doing fine art and most of her projects are about dreaming and sleeping. So even if I can´t remember my own dreams most of the time, we talk a lot about dreaming.

-Please share a recent dream.
I´m sitting in a circle with friends. We are playing a game where we have to break an egg on the head of the person, who is sitting next to me. I have to do this as precise as possible. At the same time we tell each other jokes.




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