Leander Aßmann

noviembre 21, 2017

© Leander Aßmann

© Leander Aßmann, 2017


-Hi Leander! You chose this dream randomly…
I couldn’t decide which dream I’d like to illustrate, because they all seemed kind of interesting to translate visually. So I decided to ask a Random Number Generator to choose between my 3 favorite dreams.

-What attracted you about Ainara’s dream?

The fear of being left alone or thrown away by someone you really rely on, in her case her father. I tried to focus on this fact when creating the illustration.

-There’s a beautiful simplicity in your illustration, and at the same time it is suggestive and narrative. Is simplicity some kind of premise when you illustrate?
Thank you! If successful communication is the goal, one should always try to articulate as clear as possible. At the same time, if you reduce things to the very core, it opens up room for suggestion to the readers, who can project their personal memories and feelings into it, which makes the work more accessible.

-Do your dreams influence your real life in any sense?

I really try to separate my dreams and my real life as much as possible. I think dreams are something like a mash-up of your whole experiences, thoughts and worries, and mostly exist to keep your brain busy while your body tries to catch some regeneration. Though, if you are a visual person, some dreams (both, good and bad ones) really manage to get stuck in your active thinking process throughout the day.

-What places do you visit during your daydreams?
If I manage to have something like a daydream, I try to visit my subconscious and ask for solutions.

-Please tell a recent dream of your own.
I dreamed that I was walking my dog, when suddenly many other dog owners surrounded us and didn’t want to let us go.



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