marzo 27, 2018

© Roni Fahima, 2018
© Roni Fahima, 2018

We were walking along some streets. It was very dark. The place was rather strange. It looked like suburbs (post-apocalyptic or very poor ones), with a lot of waste lots, very little illumination. At some places there were fires made to give a little bit of light. The road was quite bad too, it was something like a gravel road, but I felt it had this look because of some previous massive destruction.
We were going to attend some event. It was really cold, I couldn’t help shivering. You were wearing a scarf and you offered it to me. I didn’t want to accept because it would leave you with very little warm clothes, but you insisted. We stopped on the road, just before a steep slope, and down the street, on the corner, I saw the only well-lighted shop or a coffee-house and it gave me a feeling of peace and comfort.
When you gave me your scarf it turned out to be so long and thick that I got a bit puzzled because it didn’t seem to be like that when you were wearing it, and there was no way to put it around my neck. No matter how I tried, it still was hanging almost touching the ground. So, you started helping me, you decided to wrap it around me. First, I didn’t like the idea, but soon I gave up because I started feeling really warm and cozy, besides, you were taking care of everything, fixing and tucking the scarf and I felt so relaxed and careless. Then I looked at you and I got terrified and worried and guilty because now you were wearing only a T-shirt. “I’m fine, I really am”, you said. And you did look absolutely fine. So, I calmed down and my previous feelings gave way to some astonishment. “How can men feel Ok at such low temperatures with so little clothes?”, I asked myself.
We kept on walking. “I must be looking strange and ridiculous”, I thought.  But I didn’t really care because I was so warm.  Then, suddenly I saw my reflection in a shop-window: in fact, the “scarf cocoon” was not so bad, it looked pretty much like a coat, and strangely enough, it had changed its colour. The scarf you were wearing was dark-blue, brown and grey, and my “coat” – white with red and green writings on it. “Just like the Italian flag”, I thought. And we continued walking…

Dream by Gigi Karolina.
Beautifully illustrated by Roni Fahima.



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