Irene Rinaldi

mayo 15, 2018

© Irene Rinaldi

© Irene Rinaldi, 2018

-Hi Irene! What is the advantange of being transformed into a worm?
You can be very long and very soft. You can slide and slip (which I think would feel incredibly nice), and you can regenerate part of your body if damaged.

-What do you like about Laura´s dream?
I love how Laura depicts fairies as mischievous unpredictable creatures. I also wanted to draw a worm, that’s why I chose this dream.

Diario de sueños de Laura, 9 años.

-What about the election of the yellow color? Any special reason?
Not really, I just wanted a vibrant energetic background  as the image of a girl transformed into a worm gave me a vital, positive sensation, not tragic or sad… maybe because even if Laura is not that happy to be transformed into a worm, when I think about worms I think about the living energy of the ground.

-The body of the worm-girl looks like a labyrinth, which is a common scenery in children´s dreams. Do you use symbols in your illustrations?
I usually do. Symbols are very useful when you try to create metaphors through images, which is basically the main intent of an illustration. But in this specific case I didn’t, I just remembered that as a kid what fascinated me the most about worms was the strange shapes their bodies can reach and I wanted to represent that.

-What relation do you have with your dreams?
I have a very full dream life, I do a lot of things while dreaming. It´s like a parallel life where I meet people, have adventures and discover things. Sometimes is so demanding that I wake up tired from all the things I was doing while sleeping. Unfortunately most of the time I don’t remember anything but feeble confusing images.

-Please tell a recent dream of your own.
I was about to start a car trip with my mom, but she put helium in the carburetor instead of gasoline, so we couldn’t go anywhere.



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