Dreams written by kids from México and Spain.

Collected by elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca.


I dreamed that I was at school. It was getting dark. Some men were building a new classroom, and they demolished a wall and found one girl and two boys with their mouths sewed. They took care of the kids and unstitched their mouths.
(Nissa Paola/ México) Girl


I dreamed that a car was chasing me and there were holes everywhere.
(William, 10 years old/ México) Boy


I dreamed that I fell down the stairs and broke my foot. I stop going to school for a while and lost my best girlfriends. When I came back to school they were not there any longer.
(Natalia, 9 years old/ México) Girl


I dreamed that I was building a very very long ladder to get to the moon. When I made it I started to climb and it took me one month to reach the moon.
(Naima/ Spain) – Girl


I dreamed that my father abandoned me in a garbage dump and I couldn´t go after him. I insisted but he ignored me.
(Ainara, 8 years old/ Spain) Girl


I dreamed that my hand was grabbed and pulled, and there was none but a shadow. And my nose started to bleed.
(Mario, 9 years old/ México) Boy


I dreamed there were flying lions in the windows of my house. I didn´t know what to do, I ran all over my house, jumped through the balcony and landed on a mattress.
(Ytzel, 8 years old/ Spain) Girl




I dreamed I was with my family at the beach and we saw a brown spot in the water and we came out. My aunt said that the government was making some tests and my uncle said that the brown spot was vitamin, so we got into the water again. Fifteen minutes later, one of my cousins was crying, and we realised that the spot was attracting all the jelly fish.
(Kitzia/ México) Girl


I dreamed that we had a sleepover at the train track, and there was a ghots train coming by. Nobody wanted to sleep there anymore.
(Daniela Michelle, 10 years old/ México) Girl



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