Dreams written by kids from Spain and México.
Collected by elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca



Tonight I dreamed that I was hanging around with the Boy Scouts on a bridge, and I was carrying a bag full of toys. The bag fell into the lake and the toys turned into humans.
(Patxi/ Villava, Spain) – boy


I dreamed that I was sleeping on a bed of rocks in the middle of a river with a giant waterfall. The bed of rocks was getting closer to the huge waterfall. I was going to die.
(Jaime, 9 years old/ Spain) – boy


Tonight I dreamed with a pool without water, but you floated as if you were flying. It was awesome.
(María, 10 years old/ Spain) – girl


I dreamed that for my birthday I went to play with all my classmates to Laser Game. But the lasers were real and everyone died except me.
(Núria, 8 years old/ Spain) – girl


I dreamed that we were made of plasteline (pâte à modeler) and we melted into a magical underground world where nobody was fat. Everyone was thin and slim.
(Balma, 8 years old/ Spain) – girl


I dreamed that I was building a very very long ladder to get to the moon. When I made it I started to climb and I spent one month to reach the moon.
(Naima/ Spain) – girl


I dreamed that a car was chasing me and there were holes everywhere.
(William, 10 years old/ México) – boy


Tonight I dreamed that a snail (escargot) was eating another snail that was eating another snail, and so on… until I woke up.
(Carla, 10 years old/ Spain) – girl


I dreamed that my hand was grabbed and pulled, and there was none but a shadow. And my nose started to bleed.
(Mario, 9 years old/ México) – boy


I dreamed there were flying lions in the windows of my house. I didn´t know what to do, I ran all over my house, jumped through the balcony and landed on a mattress.
(Ytzel, 8 years old/ Spain) – girl


I dreamed I was with all my friends. And the girls turned into fire birds and the boys into silver dragons.
(Pablo, 9 years old/ Spain) – boy


I dreamed I was lying in bed full of snails (escargot), and the snails were little soldiers running around my house.
(Marta, 9 years old/ Spain) – girl





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