Children´s dreams
Collected by elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca





I dreamed that my kitty gave birth to a bunch of kittens and they had no tail and they were roaring like lions. I got scared and I woke up.

(Brenda Juleth/ México) – Girl



I dreamed that I was a superhero with no powers.

(Iván/ Spain) – Boy



I dreamed that everyone that talked with me, turned into an old stuffed toy.

(Yamilet/ Spain) – Girl



I dreamed that my house was attacked by 100,000 thieves.

(Jaime, 9 years old/ Spain) – Boy




I dreamed that I invented a device to follow the Loch Ness Monster. The device could locate the monster by the sound it made.

(Iván, 8 years old/ Spain) – Boy





I dreamed that a serpent deceived us with wild berries.



I dreamed that I appeared on my bed in the middle of the sea, because I really wanted to go to the bathroom.

(Jimena/ Spain) – Girl



I dreamed that I went far away and never came back.

(Cinthya, 11 years old/ México) – Girl



I dreamed that we were in a super weird place with some unknown kids, and we were playing a tennis match and we lost. In the end of the game some kind of giant fungus emerged from my feet.

(Aitana/ Spain) – Girl




Last night I dreamed that I was at school and a giant Basilisk emerged from the ground. I killed it with a magic sword, my best girlfriend pushed me aside, but the falling body of the dead monster killed her instead.

(Inés/ Spain) – Girl


Last night I dreamed that I was in the Coliseum watching the fight of two videogame characters.
(Iñigo, 12 years old) – Boy


I dreamed that there was a cupcake inside an urn and we had to keep it safe from being eaten.
(Iñigo, 12 years old) – Boy






I dreamed that there was a Halloween party. I thought it was carnival. Everybody had Halloween costumes but I was dressed as a hamburger.
(Alejandra, 8 years old) – Girl


Last night I dreamed that my two neighbours (girls of my same age) and I turned into monsters. People feared us and they locked us inside some crystal capsules. And we wanted to break them.
(Raquel) – Girl



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