Children´s dreams
Collected by elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca


One night I dreamed that 10 yellow little chicken were chasing me in the field.
(Saioa, 11 years old) : Girl


I dreamed that there was a Halloween party. I thought it was carnival. Everybody had Halloween costumes but I was dressed as a hamburger.
(Alejandra, 8 years old) : Girl


I dreamed that I am a Hollywood director and I make a movie about a nude man who, along his nude friends and a machete, should survive on a desert island for 3 months until help arrives.
(Izan) : Boy


Last night I dreamed that my two neighbours (girls of the same age than me) and I turned into monsters. People feared us and they locked us in crystal capsules. And we wanted to break them.
(Raquel) : Girl


I dreamed that I was a policeman and I had to find an invisible person.
(Maite) : Girl


I dreamed that I turned into a duck, my friend Andrea into a deer, Ane into a ladybug, Marina into a cow, and we were strolling in Hawaii.
(Lucía, 11 years old) : Girl


In this dream I am a witch. Suddenly, a man sees me preparing medicine with plants and he calls the police. The police decides to burn me at the stake, and before it happens, I wake up.
(Noroa, 10 years old) : Girl


One night I dreamed that I woke up and everything looked surprisingly bigger. I looked myself in the mirrow and I was a bird. I got really scared but I wanted to fly and went out. I flew a lot and suddenly I couldn´t fly and collapsed. I woke up and discovered that I had fallen from bed.
(Yon, 12 years old) : Boy


I dreamed that my friends Maitena, Noelia and I were bored and we wanted to rob. So we went to rob our neighbours. We stole money, dogs and cats. Suddenly they came and we escaped. Mission accomplished!
(Kaoutar, 9 years old) : Girl


I dreamed that we were celebrating my aunt´s wedding in the beach. We were enjoying, dancing, laughing, eating… it was great. When the party ended, all the guests including me jumped from a cliff to the sea. I woke up.
(Emily Daniela, 11 years old) : Girl


I dreamed that a bald person with round head and mermaid´s tail, took me to the bottom of the sea and we played.
(Oier, 8 years old) : Boy


I dreamed that a serpent deceived us with wild berries.


Last night I was very scared because in my dream someone was controling my head.
-Get out of my head! -I said.
-Make me do it! -said the girl of my dream.
(Raquel) : Girl


I dreamed that I went to the Middle Age, the time of kings and knights, and they caught me for some act that I didn´t do, and the king of the town was going to cut my head.
(Sandra, 10 years old) : Girl


My nightmare was that I woke up and I was chained to bed and couldn´t leave.
(Irati, 9 years old) : Girl

Last night I dreamed that I was in the Coliseum watching the fight of two videogame characters.
(Iñigo, 12 years old) : Boy


I dreamed that there was a cupcake inside an urn and we had to keep it safe from being eaten.
(Iñigo, 12 years old) : Boy

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