Dreams by kids from Spain
Collected by elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca


I dreamed that I had to put a person inside a small box.
(Zoe, 11 years old) : Girl
Jan Buchczik


I dreamed that I am a Hollywood director and I make a movie about a nude man that, along his nude friends and a machete, they have to survive on a desert island for 3 months until help arrives.
(Izan) : Boy


I dreamed that we were in a super weird place with some kids we didn´t know, and we were playing a tennis match and we lost. In the end of the match some kind of giant fungus emerged from my feet.
(Aitana) : Girl


I dreamed that I manipulated my brother´s clothes to make it shine and make him look like a semaphore.
(Iñigo) : Boy
Jill Senft


Last night I dreamed that I looked my reflection in a dirty puddle, and I looked very pretty.
(Iker) : Boy


I dreamed that I was running in front of the bulls at the San Fermín Festival, and suddenly a bull got me and I woke up feeling a prick in the lower back. I fell asleep again and dreamed that I was in a park with my best girlfriends Inés, Naroa and Leyre, and there were 2 men in a camping tent filled with weapons. I peered into the tent and they asked me to leave, but I didn´t. They shot me and I woke up feeling the same prick in the lower back. It was time for breakfast.
(María, 11 years old) : Girl


Last night I dreamed that I was a ghost and I could see all the disgraces that occurred to my girlfriends. I was dressed in gray and my eyes were white and gray. I was afraid of myself. My clothes and hands were bloody.
(Raquel) : Girl


My nightmare was that I woke up and I was chained to bed and couldn´t leave.
(Irati, 9 years old) : Girl

I dreamed that I became a famous duck and I went to space.
(Lucía) : Girl


Last night I dreamed that I was in the Coliseum watching the fight of two videogame characters.
(Iñigo, 12 years old) : Boy


I dreamed that there was a cupcake inside an urn and we had to keep it safe from being eaten.
(Iñigo, 12 years old) : Boy