Children´s dreams

Collected by Roger Omar / elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca


A very strange trip

One night I dreamed that I traveled alone to Brazil by plane. Next to the hotel there was a helicopter, I flew to an indoor soccer field and there was a plague of mutant rabbits with large and black teeth. If they bite you, you will die. A rabbit bit me and at that moment I woke up.

(Víctor, 10 years old/ Spain) – Boy


I dreamed of an elephant with very big and ugly eyes. We fought until he broke my sword. Suddenly an eagle captured me and took me flying to her nest. The worst thing of all, is that she fed me with worms. Gross! I woke up scared.

(Anonymous, 9 years old/ Spain) – Girl


Last night I dreamed that it was raining cats.

(Itar, 8 years old/ Spain) – Girl


In my nightmare some worms were getting inside my nose.
(Lois, 11 years old/ Spain) – Boy