octubre 22, 2017

Octubre 2017 —> Recogiendo sueños en Buñol, España.
Dibujo de Alejandro
Dibujo de Alejandro.
¡Gracias Ana Luisa y Colegio Cervantes!


Yann Bastard

octubre 11, 2017

© Yann Bastard
© Yann Bastard, 2017

-¡Hola Yann! Has elegido ilustrar el sueño de Marta, ¿qué te gusta de su relato?
Elegí el sueño de Marta porque me recordaba al videojuego Worms, al que estaba bastante enganchado de pequeño. Y también porque tenía una

imagen bien clara de lo que iba a dibujar.

-En tus ilustraciones juegas con la geometría, generando composiciones limpias y ordenadas. ¿Cómo has llegado a ese estilo?
Creo que, de nuevo, por amor a los videojuegos en dos dimensiones a
los que jugaba de pequeño, como Pokémon o Zelda. Me encantaban esas
vistas desde arriba y me pasaba horas dibujando casas y mundos así,
con muchos detalles. ¡Supongo que mi estilo no ha evolucionado mucho
desde entonces!

-Cuéntame un sueño o pesadilla reciente.
Esta noche soñé que hacía deporte todos los días. No sé muy bien si
era un sueño o una pesadilla…

Kati Szilágyi

septiembre 21, 2017

© Kati Szilagyi
© Kati Szilágyi

-Hi Kati! What do you like about Patxi´s dream?
Patxi´s dream instantly created images in my head. The mentioned toys gave the plot a very personal touch. I still remember very well some of my dearest toys from my childhood. Of course I don’t know what kind of toys he has, but I don’t see that as important for the visualization.
The turning point when the toys become humans is just great! I felt as if they then don’t belong to the boy anymore, they are free, lost or just no longer his possession. In my illustration I also wanted to keep the image open to interpretation, just as the dream. It’s maybe more dark and moody but also a bit funny here and there.

-What is your process when doing a papercut illustration?
When creating a conceptual illustration in papercut I first sketch my ideas and composition.
© Kati Szilagyi's sketch
The final sketch then gets drawn properly on thick paper. Cutting allows me to find other visual answers than drawing as it only consists of two forms in the beginning, the positive and the negative. Later on, the cutout gets digitalized and I add colours via photoshop. Some little alteration are also made on the computer, some that might not be allowed in a real papercut. But in the end I still want to preserve the feeling of the cutout for the final illustration.

-Please share a recent dream.
I rarely remember my dreams. But the last one I recall was about a nice vacation with friends in a sort of all-inclusive resort somewhere. I came late to the breakfast buffet and the chef had removed all but few dried out leftovers so I had to continue the days hungry. I woke up after this in a very bad mood but quite amused by my hungry grumpiness as soon as I realized the whole thing.

Phileas Dog

julio 31, 2017

© Sophie Glade

© Phileas Dog


julio 28, 2017

April 2017 —> Collecting dreams in Madrid, Spain.

Sueños Madrid, 2017

¡Gracias Colegio Las Naciones!

Wild dogs

febrero 22, 2017

© Wild Dogs by Lukas Verstraete

Me against the world

febrero 22, 2017

© Me against the world by Wren McDonald